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We protect and preserve unique regions of Ecuador, empowering local communities and promoting conservation and sustainable development.

Our Approach

● We are a hands-on organization working directly with rural and indigenous communities to generate local capacity by designing and implementing conservation projects and local sustainable enterprises.

● We support social programs, acknowledging that environmental conservation cannot take place without human well-being. 

● We use our experience as a platform to link our partner local communities with friends, supporters, and allies in the global world.

Our geographical scope

Fundacion Mente works in Ecuador. Our projects are based in the following regions: Amazon Basin (mainly,) North-central Andes, and Central Coastal Region.

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Our Projects

Ecotourism & nature conservation

Ecotourism is one of the few alternatives of sustainable development that protects the Amazon Rainforest. We partner with indigenous communities and work with them in designing and implementing ecotourism and conservation projects. 

Fundacion Mente works with Rainforest Educational Programs, Trek Ecuador, Maketai Inc., EPIC Amazon Mingai, 
and other partners to design authentic and unique experiences that enable a direct involvement 
with our projects and programs.



nature conservation

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Alternative livelihoods & community enterprises

We conduct a variety of community projects to ensure the responsible use of natural resources, provide alternatives to extractive industries, and reduce human-wildlife conflicts, including: 

The preservation of the dry forest in Coastal Ecuador to prevent the destruction of Kapok trees. 

Health and medical brigades to remote communities that do not have access to basic health services. 

Work with indigenous communities located in the heart of the Amazon Basin to promote Community Development Plans that identify needs and objectives of the community, including land management. 

Educational and capacity building projects focused on addressing local needs of our partner communities, including improving nutrition, ecotourism management and operation, learning (EFL, English as a Foreign Language), and others.


Alternative livelihoods & community enterprises

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Culture preservation & capacity building

Fundacion Mente works with Achuar communities to help the preservation of their heritage. Our activities include field work with more than 10 communities in the south-eastern Amazon Basin to create a baseline of traditional knowledge, record these practices and produce cultural material. 

Fundacion Mente also encourages knowledge transfer from older to younger generations through inter- and intra-communities workshops but also exchanges with international groups.


Culture preservation &

capacity building

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