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An experience that

   relinks us to Earth,

    our mother.


  A memory within that

 releases space and 

time for 

 actions committed

  to our kin.


    Feel alive,

    feel connected

   consciously creating

  the path  

 we lay for others.


Let’s realize the 

ties we keep with

 nature, with

  one another,


    let’s take the opportunity

    to see, to feel,

   to truly get to know 

  this precious land.


Let us be taken

 by the hand of friends  

  that have looked deep

    into ancestral

     knowledge and wisdom

   reaffirming one truth:

 we all are a family,

we all are one.

Visit us and

get involved

Come visit us and become a member of Fundacion Mente's family. 
Discover our efforts to protect the biodiversity and implement alternative sources of income to preserve culture and ancestral traditions in the Coast, Andes, and Amazon Rainforest. 
Get involved and protect the last untouched tract of Amazon Rainforest. 

Through our authentic and unique travel experiences, you will learn first-hand and contribute directly to our projects.

* Please stay tuned. Itineraries and/or scheduled trips may vary without notice.

Fundacion Mente works with Trekecuador as its Tour Operator associate since 2009.


Trekecuador lowers its carbon footprint by returning one fourth of its overhead towards Fundacion Mente operative costs and any of its projects. 

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